Antigravity PS-45 Portable Power Station

Power On The Go

The new Antigravity PS-45 ($149.99) is an ultra compact, lightweight lithium-ion portable power station offering a best in class 45,000mAh of capacity and wide variety of output ports.

Antigravity PS-45 Portable Power Station

The PS-45 can be recharged via wall outlet or compatible solar panels. The compact lithium-ion power bank measures 6.3 x 3 x 6 inches and weighs a lightweight 2.86 pounds. Output ports include two 12V DC outputs, two USB ports, and an AC outlet, and it also has a built-in LED flashlight.

Antigravity PS-45 Portable Power Station

Antigravity PS-45 Portable Power Station Specifications

• Battery Capacity: 45000mAh(3.7V) 166 Wh
• USB Outputs: Dual USB (QC3.0 support) 5V/9v 2.1A
• DC Outputs: DC1 + DC2 9~12.5V/10A (Max) 5.5mm
• AC Output: 100-110V/60Hz
• AC Power: continuous output power 100W; peak power 200W (2 second max)
• Lighting Time: 166 Hours of Lighting, 1W on-board LED
• Battery Indicator: 4 LED display (25%-100%)
• Wall Charging: DC 5.5mm tip @ 15V/2A (6-8 hours charging time)
• Solar Charging: DC 5.5mm tip @ 18V (optional; solar panel not included)
• Battery Management System (BMS): overload, overvoltage, overcharge, overcurrent, overpower, short-circuit Protections

Antigravity PS-45 Portable Power Station

Antigravity PS-45 Portable Power Station

Antigravity PS-45 Portable Power Station


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