Baja Designs LP9 Light

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Baja Designs has a new LED light in the works called the LP9. The LP9 is an 8-inch light that has nine forward-projecting LEDs that produce 11,025 lumens at 105 watts.

Baja Designs LP9 Light

The LP9 was inspired by Baja Designs’ classic 8-inch La Paz light. Baja Designs says it used some of the most advanced LED technologies available to create the LP9. In addition to the nine forward-projecting LEDs, it has six more LEDs on the peripheral, which emit 1140 lumens at 10.5 watts per side.

Baja Designs LP9 Light

The housing was designed to disperse heat using Direct Ducted Cooling. The LP9 has three settings: a daytime running light, low, and high-power.

Baja Designs LP9 Light

It is expected to come in a standard model and, of course, a Racer Edition, which will be configured for the demands of high-speed driving. The Racer Edition has similar power draw, but produces a much tighter pattern, providing higher visibility at greater distances.

Baja Designs LP9 Light

It is expected to be available this fall, but pre-orders are being accepted now: call 800-422-5292.

Here’s the video introducing the new Baja Designs LP9 Light (we know it’s a truck in the video, and we are UTV Videos, but the LP9 can go on UTVs, too!)

Baja Designs LP9 Light

Baja Designs 25th Anniversary Open House

Baja Designs (BD) had a party to celebrate its 25 years of making performance off-road parts, and the BD crew also dramatically unveiled the new LP9 was to the crowd.

Baja Designs LP9 Light

Baja Designs LP9 Light

Here’s a video of the party and the LP9 unveiling:

Baja Designs Open House


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ABOUT Baja Designs®

For more than 20 years, Baja Designs has engineered revolutionary ways to stay at the forefront of motorcycle and automotive lighting. The first product developed was a Dual Sport kit that made a pure off-road motorcycle minimally street legal. This intimate knowledge of motorcycle electrical capabilities led to a natural evolution to engineer the first HID motorcycle race light. Owner/Lead engineer Alan Roach and Product Development Engineer Stephen “Tex” Mitchell were avid Baja 1000 motorcycle racers who were able to fine tune a motorcycle’s limited light optics to maximize rider comfort, speed and safety. As a result, BD lights have won every professional and amateur motorcycle and ATV Baja 1000 class for over 15 years. Revolutionizing industry leading lights is not just a job at BD, but a lifelong passion for both the owners and employees. The BD product line is dedicated to being Brighter, Bolder, and Better.