EFX MotoVator Tires

Inspired by Speed

EFX Tires specifically developed the MotoVator tires for the demands of UTV racing and for the enthusiast who is looking for a balance between terrain grip and high-speed handling.

EFX MotoVator Tires

EFX MotoVator Tires

EFX Tires are manufactured by Wheel Pros Powersports, who also manufactures MSA Offroad Wheels, and Fairway Alloys. The MotoVator is a true radial, steel-belted, puncture-resistant tire, designed to be capable of high speeds on any hard-pack surface.

EFX MotoVator Tires

Utilizing light truck engineering, the inner and outer bead are steel belted to offer a smooth, quiet ride.

EFX MotoVator Tires

The tires have a unique center tread pattern to maxmize the contact patch, and an elongated shoulder tread is used to improve high- and low-speed cornering with reduced rolling resistance.

EFX MotoVator Tires

EFX MotoVator Tires

Here’s are three videos Wheel Pros released about the EFX MotoVator tires. The first is an overview of the MotoVators features, the second showcases its speed capabilities and the third demonstrates the MotoVator’s rock crawling capabilities.

The MotoVator All-Terrain UTV Tire by EFX Tires

EFX MotoVator UTV Tire – Speed

EFX MotoVator UTV Tire – Crawl


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