Hellwig: New Hellper Spring for `17–`20 Raptor | SEMA360

SEMA’s Little Helper

With SEMA360 going ahead full steam, companies are unveiling new toys like the would at the live version in Las Vegas; just not with as much gambling, buffet food, and the other after hours fun that takes place. Hellwig Suspension Products launched its newest Pro Series and EZ-990 Helper Springs for the ’17–’20 Ford F-150 Raptor pickup at the show. The Pro Series and EZ-990 Helper Springs allow the truck to maintain a level ride height when towing or hauling, which provides improved safety, handling, comfort, and overall driver control.
hellwig ford raptor springs
Outfitted with premium Fox Live Valve suspension, 35-in. all-terrain tires and four-wheel-drive, the Ford Raptor is famed for its off-road performance and ability to take on the roughest terrain. The powerful 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine puts out 450 hp and 510 lb.-ft. of torque, which provides the F-150 Raptor with substantial towing and hauling capabilities. Hellwig’s new Pro Series and EZ-990 Helper Springs unlock the true capabilities of the Raptor by increasing rear end support and level load rating of the truck.


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Family owned and operated for 70 years, Hellwig Suspension Products specializes in precision-engineered suspension and load-control products. This fourth-generation California company started in 1946 selling helper springs to customers door to door. Today, Hellwig Suspension Products proudly designs and manufactures all of its parts in the USA, including sway bars, leaf springs, air-bag systems and more, for improved handling, safety and load control, focused on the performance, truck, off-road, towing, UTV, armored and military vehicles, RV and commercial markets.