Hellwig Products at 2019 SEMA

Racecar on 40 Inch Tires

Brett leads the showcase for Hellwig Products at the 2019 SEMA Show. In this video, he talks about the upcoming load and sway control products displayed on a massive Jeep Gladiator. The Gladiator in this video sits on 40-inch tires and a huge suspension lift. Hellwig’s contribution to this beast is their 3-way adjustable sway bar that makes it feel like a “racecar on 40-inch tires”.

Hellwig Jeep Gladiator Specs:
  • Hellwig 3-way adjustable sway bar (part # 7843)
  • 40-inch tires
  • Suspension lift

hellwig jeep gladiator sema showcase

“You don’t sacrifice any of your drivability on the highway, where you are going to and from the tail, you also don’t limit your articulation, and your slow crawling rate,” Hallmark tells us. “It feels like you are driving a race car on 40-inch tires.”

hellwig sema showcase

hellwig sema showcasehellwig sema



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ABOUT Hellwig Products®

Family owned and operated for 70 years, Hellwig Suspension Products specializes in precision-engineered suspension and load-control products. This fourth-generation California company started in 1946 selling helper springs to customers door to door. Today, Hellwig Suspension Products proudly designs and manufactures all of its parts in the USA, including sway bars, leaf springs, air-bag systems and more, for improved handling, safety and load control, focused on the performance, truck, off-road, towing, UTV, armored and military vehicles, RV and commercial markets.