KICKER TB Loaded Subwoofer Enclosures

Totally Tubular

A modern take on an old-school classic, the compact KICKER TB Loaded Subwoofer Enclosures deliver big bass and can be mounted almost anywhere.

KICKER TB Loaded Subwoofer Enclosures

The housing of the KICKER TB Loaded Subwoofer Enclosures is made from weatherproof, thick ABS. The TB systems come with a low-profile, aluminum bracketing system, so they can be mounted just about anywhere, horizontally, vertically or inverted.

KICKER TB Loaded Subwoofer Enclosures

CompR and Reflex

The heart of the TB-Series is made up of a steady KICKER CompR Subwoofer and passive reflex subwoofer technology. The CompR features a stacked magnet structure for high power handling and sound quality, UniPlate™ solid pole piece and backplate for excellent heat dissipation, red double-stitched Santoprene® surround, and an all-polypropylene SoloKon™ cone system with 360-degree back bracing.


On the opposite side of the TB enclosure is the reflex subwoofer, made with the same cone and surround materials as the CompR. The reflex sub not only gives the tube more volume and deeper bass, but is the formula that allows the sub system to be extremely loud and compact. The result is a flexible sub that plays hard in any environment, yet takes up minimal space. It can be installed in a boat, UTV, trunk or truck.

Video | TB Loaded Enclosures at CES 18

KICKER TB-Series Compact Subwoofer Systems are available in 8- or 10-inch enclosures in either 2- or 4-Ohm loads.

Suggested MSRP is $299.95 for the 8-inchers, and $349.95 for the larger ones. Here’s a look at the TB Loaded Subwoofer Enclosures:

KICKER TB Loaded Subwoofer Enclosures

Video | TB Loaded Subwoofer Enclosures


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With very few resources and an intense love for music, company founder and current president Steve Irby invented the mobile-stereo enclosure market from his Stillwater, Oklahoma community, when he developed the original Kicker in the 1970s. It was the first full-frequency range speaker box designed specifically for cars and trucks. As audio continues to evolve, Kicker will continue to be on the industry's cutting edge, pushing the limits of audio design technology, performance and integration in the quest for ultimate sound.