SSV Works Reveals SwitchWorks SW-E12

Electronic Smart Switcher at CES

SSV Works reveals its upcoming SwitchWorks SW-E12 at 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the annual trade show run by the Consumer Technology Association, which was held in Las Vegas January 7-10.

SSV Works Reveals SwitchWorks SW-E12

Scheduled to be available in summer 2020, the SwitchWorks SW-E12 from SSV Works is a plug-and-play switcher that can control 12 accessories from fully programmable LCD touch buttons.

The SwitchWorks switcher is IP-rated weatherproof to handle the rigors of off-roading, and each button can be customized for each individual vehicle or accessory. The graphics are designed to be viewable in any light conditions, including direct sunlight. Users can choose any of the 64 pre-loaded icons or upload your own custom image and assign to any button.

SSV Works Reveals SwitchWorks SW-E12

Additionally, the controller’s compact size allows for multiple mounting options, including vehicle-specific mounting kits for seamless in-vehicle integration.

SSV Works | Hardware: The Difference in the Details

The Difference is in the Details. SSV Works designs and tools its own hardware specifically for the outdoor Powersports environment.


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