STI R4 Tires

Massive Mud Weapon

A bigger, bolder and more extreme mud tire: the all-new STI R4 is specifically designed and engineered for high-performance UTV and ATV applications. The R4 features super-deep lugs angled to optimize traction performance both forward and in reverse.

STI R4 Tires

• Deep lugs, 1.75 up to 2 inches
• 9 inches wide, and tubeless
• 8-ply rated radial
• Super deep rim guard
• Up to 35 inches tall for UTVs, and as small as 28 for ATVs

STI R4 Tires

STI R4 Tires

Some “tractor tire” designs are made… well, they are made for tractors. The STI R4 has U in mind – UTV and ATV, that is.

STI R4 Tires

This new tire is constructed for durability, with a rubber compound built for abuse. The eight-ply rated, tubeless radial carcass tire measures nine-inches wide. The R4 features super-deep lugs – 1.75 inches at center and 2.0 inches at the shoulders – angled to optimize traction performance both forward and in reverse. The R4’s deep rim guard protects your wheels, as well.

STI R4 Tires

NOTE: the 33- and 35-inch R4 tires go on 20-inch wheels, like the STI HD10.

Suggested retail prices range from $198 to $256.

STI R4 Tires


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STI is dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of high quality ATV and UTV tires. STI engineers are committed to developing tires that meet the highest standards and provide the greatest value to their customers. STI Tire & Wheel products are available exclusively at approved retail powersports dealers through MTA Distributing.