Tech Tues | Shock Therapy Limit Straps

Kill the Clunk

The Shock Therapists at Shock Therapy explain what a Limit Strap is and what it can do for your front suspension.

Tech Tues | Shock Therapy Limit Straps

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At full extension, the front shocks can make a loud clunk that feels like a hammer against the chassis. If you run heavier aftermarket wheels and tires, this clunk can get worse. This is because, while the factory shocks do have extension stops internally, they are tuned to the factory wheel and tire weights, so any changes in the system can result in a “clunk” sound.

Tech Tues | Shock Therapy Limit Straps

Tech Tues | Shock Therapy Limit Straps

Adding a Limit Strap prevents the suspension from fully extending, and the clunk can’t happen. The new Limit Strap kit from Shock Therapy can stop the front-end clunk when the front suspension is at full extension. The pieces bolt directly on to the shocks and are adjustable.

Tech Tues | Shock Therapy Limit Straps

Tech Tues | Shock Therapy Limit Straps

Tech Tues | Shock Therapy Limit Straps

Prices start at $299.95, and the Shock Therapy Limit Straps are currently available for Can-Am X3 RS models and select Polaris RZR models, with more coming soon. Kits for the rear shocks are also in the works for those who want them, however, Shock Therapy says that they are not really necessary. Visit Shock Therapy to see the installation videos.


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