Tomcar TM-57 Enforcer

Tomcar Firefighting Vehicle

Not only can the Tomcar TM-57 Enforcer navigate extreme terrain, it can also deliver 1200 gallons of fire-extinguishing foam to put out fires in hard-to-access locations.

Tomcar TM-57 Enforcer

Enforcer One, manufacturer of portable compressed-air foam systems, and Tomcar joined forces to create the TM-57 Enforcer. The TM-57 Enforcer is military-grade vehicle designed to for off-road firefighting and search-and-rescue missions.

Tomcar TM-57 Enforcer

Here’s more about the Tomcar TM-57 Enforcer:

Gas or diesel versions are available, and, in addition to the Enforcer 60 compressed-air foam system, it also has a light bar, flood lights, sirens and a public-address system.

Here the Tomcar TM-57 Enforcer in action, used to extinguish a car fire:


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ABOUT Tomcar®

The origin of Tomcar dates back to 1967. That was when a specialized unit of airborne commandos were dropped into enemy territory – along with half a dozen Willy’s MB Jeeps – to carry out a top-secret mission. The unit was stranded behind enemy lines when all six Jeeps were destroyed upon landing. Fortunately, the unit’s commanding officer was able to piece together two running vehicles from the wreckage, allowing the commandos to successfully complete their mission. Two decades later, that same soldier built the first Tomcar, a durable but versatile all-terrain vehicle.