Tusk UTV Snow Plows

Get Ready for Winter

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has lots of accessories for UTVs, including the Tusk SubZero snow plow. Once you find the right plow for your UTV, you can find a video on how to install it on Rocky Mountain ATV/MC website. They even have a video with tips on how to plow snow.

Tusk UTV Snow Plows

First you need to install a mount that is specific to your UTV, then you add the plow blade.

Tusk UTV Snow Plows

In this first video, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC demonstrates how to install a Tusk UTV SubZero snow plow mount on a Honda Pioneer.

Installing a Tusk SubZero Snow Plow Mount

Tusk UTV Snow Plows

Once the mount is on, the blade comes next. Tusk has plow blades in both 60-inch and a 72-inch lengths. The blades can be purchased separately, or entire systems with mounts are available, too.

Tusk UTV Snow Plows

Here’s the video on the blade installation.

Tusk SubZero UTV Snow Plow Installation

Tusk UTV Snow Plows

Once you have everything ready to go on your UTV, it’s time to clear the snow. Here are some tips and tricks on the techniques on clearing snow.

How to Plow Snow With a UTV


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