Yamaha at the 2019 Sand Sports Super Show

YXZ1000R SS Turbo Kits Announced

Yamaha showed up to the 2019 Sand Sports Super Show with some of its racing machines, including a King Of The Hammers race UTV. Yamaha also announced new Turbo Kits for the 2019-20 YXZ1000R SS. Here’s the video:

Yamaha at the 2019 Sand Sports Super Show

The new 50-state compliant GYTR Turbo Kits fit 2019-20 YXZ1000R SS models. Adding the kit to the YXZ can increase overall power by up to 60%.

GYTR Turbo Kit for YXZ1000R/SS

GYTR Turbo Kit for YXZ1000R/SS

GYTR Turbo Kit for YXZ1000R/SS

Here are all the features Yamaha lists for the new Turbo Kits:

GYTR Turbo Kit for YXZ1000R/SS

• Up to a 60% increase in power overall.
• A custom air box that fits in the same stock location provides clean air to the water-cooled, ball bearing, top-of-the-line Garrett® GT2860RS Turbo – which is perfectly matched to deliver smooth, predictable power without the inconsistent throttle response found in inferior systems.
• The Yamaha ECU provides consistent throttle response with the reliability you’ve come to expect from GYTR.
• The water-to-air intercooler cools all that new-found pressurized air – the absolute best option for your YXZ. It’s located just above the engine, to reduce lag, with remote radiator in front where the air is cool to resist heat soak. An electric water pump circulates water in this system
• The exhaust header utilizes the stock muffler with catalyst and Forestry-approved spark arrestor—allowing for 49-state* compliance
• Includes a high-quality Donaldson® air filter assembly that replaces the stock air box (replacement available and sold separately)
• Hand-welded, TIG-welded, equal length stainless steel tubular exhaust manifold for maximum performance and durability
• TIG-welded, aluminum air box with CNC-machined base and equal length runners to provide 6 psi of boost into the stock throttle bodies
• Braided, stainless steel hoses and AN fittings utilized for proven durability
• High-performance silicone hoses on all boost connections to prevent blow-offs
• NOT compatible with Powered Sub Woofer on both YXZ1000R and YXZ1000R SS
• Now 50-state compliant
• Dealer installation recommended
• Requires the use of premium 91-octane gas


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