All About the Quadboss Utility Box

Box on the Run

I imagine that if Batman went off-roading, his UTV would have a box like this one from Quadboss to hold all of his Bat-stuff. It takes a beating, installs easily, and holds plenty of the things you need out in the wild. Check it out.

The aluminum one-piece tub and lid is designed to support heavy loads, absorb tool drops, and prevent leakage. The patented foam filled lid creates a solid structure to prevent bending or warping and ensures easy opening and closing from either side. Not only that, Quadboss also makes sidemount boxes so you can carry even more.


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ABOUT Quadboss®

When QuadBoss started back in 2001, it was with the idea of selling plows and tire sealant to motorsports dealers across the United States. The demand for quality, affordable ATV and UTV parts keeps increasing and QuadBoss branched out to meet the needs of riders across the United States. QuadBoss has everything you need to make your ATV/UTV what you want it to be and to maintain it year-after-year. From luggage to tires and everything in between, QuadBoss is your source for high-quality replacement parts and innovative accessories.