Nico Vogel’s Jeep Wrangler Project | Bilstein

Forerunner to the Prerunner

Nico Vogel is a passionate off-roader from the bottom of his heart and works for the Spanish offroad operation, 4x4Proyect. The Spanish have been relying on shock absorbers from BILSTEIN for years. For the Jeep Wrangler, Nico Vogel and his team developed the combo plate: a suspension system that works both on- and off-road. The idea for the all-round suspension came to the off-road specialists from Zaragoza. Primarily from their own experience in the off-road scene.

4x4Proyect and Bilstein developed the 2.65-inch Prerunner suspension based on Bilstein’s off-road shock absorbers, which have been designed for the extreme forces in competitive use. The goal was nothing less than “squaring the circle.” Or as Nico puts it, “Thanks to a finely tuned spring washer design and an additional valve in the reservoir, we have developed a setup with Bilstein that works comfortably under normal circumstances, but delivers the performance needed to successfully master even the toughest of trips when needed.”


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