History of K&N Filters On Display at SEMA 2019

Million Mile Filters

A section of the K&N Filters booth at the 2019 SEMA Show showcased the 50-year history of K&N Filters. The booth also had a photo of Carl Judice and his 1998 Chevy pickup that’s gone over one million miles using only one K&N air filter. Here’s a video with a look at the booth and some of the K&N history:

Video | History of K&N Filters at SEMA Show 2019

K&N Filters History

K&N Filters began in the early 1960s when two motorcycle racers, Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald (K&N), developed the idea of an air filter that could not only perform under the demands of off-road racing, but could also be washed and re-used.

History of K&N Filters On Display at SEMA 2019
Ken Johnson

History of K&N Filters On Display at SEMA 2019
Norm McDonald

After experimenting with numerous types of filter media, they settled on an oiled cotton design and the original K&N High-Flow Air Filter was born.

History of K&N Filters On Display at SEMA 2019

The Million Mile Filter

In 2007, Louisiana resident Carl Judice had a Chevy 1998 pickup with over one million miles on it. Judice says, “I’ve had 400 oil changes but only one K&N air filter.” So he requested a new air filter from K&N. He got one, but wrapped around that filter was a 2007 Chevy Silverado pick-up, courtesy of K&N.

History of K&N Filters On Display at SEMA 2019


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