Kenda Bear Claw XL Tire

New Bear Claw With More Bite

Kenda has added to its lineup of Bear Claw tires with the soon-to-be-available Bear Claw XL. The 6-ply tire will have a deeper tread depth for more bite. Here is the promo flyer Kenda released this week for the new Bear Claw XL:

Kenda Bearclaw XL

The current lineup includes the K299, the EVO and the HTR. Kenda announced that the new Bear Claw XL is 6-ply-rated and has a deeper tread depth for more bite into the earth.

The Bear Claw K299 is made as a do-it-all tire for a wide array of conditions, the EVO is a lighter-weight Bear Claw , and the HTR is an updated version of the original Bear Claw. The XL takes it a step further, with its deeper tread. It is expected to be available in six sizes.

Here’s an overview of the first tires in the Bear Claw Lineup:

VIDEO | Kenda Bear Claw Tires

Kenda Bear Claw Tires

Bear Claw K299

The original packs a semi-aggressive tread that is deeply grooved for self-cleaning, so it is a top pick for those who ride in mud or snow. It has a combination of straight and angled tread bars. The outside sidewall knobs help provide additional traction when needed. The 6-ply rating construction and special tire compound is used for extended tread life and improved resistance to punctures.

Kenda Bear Claw Tires

Bear Claw EVO

The Bear Claw Evo weighs less than the original K299 and has large center knobs for improved straight-line and braking traction. The Evo has recessed dimpled knobs for improved wet traction, and unique-shaped transition knobs for improved cornering traction and handling.

Kenda Bear Claw Tires

Kenda Bear Claw Tires

Bear Claw HTR

Bear Claw K587 HTR is the successor to the popular Bear Claw K299.

Kenda Bear Claw Tires


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