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Developed specifically for UTVs and Side x Sides, Mac’s UTV Wheel Nets lock your UTV wheels in place, allowing the vehicle’s own suspension to smoothly absorb the bumps of the road.

Mac's UTV Wheel Net Pack

Mac's UTV Wheel Net Pack


Each wheel net tie-down is constructed using 2-inch wide 12,000-pound-capacity webbing and 5,000-pound-capacity hardware, over-stitched for an additional margin of safety.

Mac's UTV Wheel Net Pack

Mac's UTV Wheel Net Pack

Mac’s makes the wheel nets strong enough to handle even the heaviest factory UTVs. They come in two sizes that are adjustable to fit most of the common UTV sizes, and custom sizes are also available. 

Mac's UTV Wheel Net Pack

Visit Mac’s website to determine which adjustable wheel net works for your UTV, or order a custom wheel net. When ordering custom wheel nets, have your tire measurement ready. Here’s a video showing how to measure your tires:

Mac’s Tie Downs | Measuring Tires for Custom Wheel Nets


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Mac's Custom Tie-Downs was started back in 1993 when Colin McLemore realized there was a need for high-quality tie-down systems for trailers and truck beds. Through much engineering research and talking with both trailer manufacturers and users of tie-downs, the company developed their patented VersaTie Tracks and Connectors. These superior quality tie-down systems and components are used by the best trailer builders in the country, and can be found at virtually any motorsport event. Mac's Tie-Downs now has a complete line of track, connectors, deck and specialty hardware and a complete line of tie-down straps.