New Accessories from Moose Utility Division

Adding MUD to Your UTV

Moose Utility Division (MUD) has thousands of accessories for your UTV to make your ride more comfy, safe, and useful. Here’s a video overview of what MUD has for your ride:

Moose Utility Division Products

And here are a few of the new products from MUD:

MUD Seat Belt Sleeves

New Accessories from Moose Utility Division

Are you tired of your seat belt rubbing across your neck? Are you disappointed that every time you ride in your Side x Side you end up chaffing across your chest and neck? Is riding no longer fun due to discomfort? If you said yes to any of these question, Moose has you covered with their new seat belt sleeves. The seat belt sleeves relieve chafing, rubbing and discomfort from seat-belt straps. They have hook-and-loop fasteners and slide over belts. These plush sleeves are sold in pairs and measure 2 x 11 inches. MSRP is listed at $9.95.

MUD Universal Fire Extinguisher Mount

New Accessories from Moose Utility Division

The MUD universal fire extinguisher mount fits on tubular roll cages (up to 2 inches) and include universal clamps to fit most of the common fire extinguishers. Created with speed in mind, they come standard with a quick-release pin. If your unit or someone else’s catches fire, simply pull the pin and the fire extinguisher will detach from the cage. The mounts have a heavy-duty design to withstand the elements and the demands of off-roading. MSRP is listed at $59.95

MUD V-Plow

New Accessories from Moose Utility Division

The new V-Plow from Moose is recommended for use wtih any ATV/UTV 700cc and up. It comes in two sizes, 72 inches and 82 inches. Both come with rubber flaps, standard manual position option, and a durable matte powder-coat finish. The blades are adjustable for numerous plowing positions. Additionally, the blade heights taper up from the center of the blade to increase plow capacity. For an upgrade, Moose offers a hydraulic turn kit for automatic blade positioning, so you won’t need to adjust the blade manually. Made in the USA, the V-Plow has an MSRP of $299.95 to $359.95 for the blades, and $699.95 for the push tube.

MUD RM5 Plow Mount System

New Accessories from Moose Utility DivisionNew Accessories from Moose Utility DivisionNew Accessories from Moose Utility Division

MUD’s updated RM5 plow-mount system fits all Moose Utility Division straight or county blades. Updated features include a new easy pull-pin on/off mounting system, heavy-duty 2-inch square steel tubing, and a front mount design with 30 inches of lift. The RM5 still uses a triangulated push tube for maximum strength and stability. Made in the USA, these are powder-coated matte black for durability. MSRP is listed at $130.95-$299.95, and fitment is model specific.


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