Polaris ProStar Engines

The Heart of the Polaris

Polaris has had some practice making engines, since the company says that it has made more than one million of them, and its ProStar engine is probably one of the reasons Polaris is one of the top UTV companies at the moment.

Polaris ProStar Engines

A ProStar engine is an off-road vehicle engine that has been designed, engineered, and manufactured from the ground-up by the experts at Polaris.

Polaris ProStar Engines

Polaris ProStar Engines

ProStar engines are purpose-built, tuned, and designed specifically for Polaris vehicles using technology from automotive industry.

Polaris ProStar Engines

Polaris ProStar Engines

Polaris ProStar Turbo Engine

In 2015, Polaris came out with the 144 hp ProStar Turbo engine and put them in its RZR UTVs. Here is the history of the engine that features an integrated turbocharger.

The Story Behind The Polaris ProStar Turbo Engine

More recently, Dirt Trax Television headed to Polaris to get a closer look at the Polaris ProStar Engines. Here’s what they found:

Polaris ProStar Engine Technology, by Dirt Trax TV


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From its entrepreneurial roots as a mechanical shop, Polaris has grown into one of the world’s largest powersports companies. And in recent years, Polaris has expanded beyond powersports into adjacent markets, such as commercial and military vehicles. Polaris added all-terrain vehicles to its lineup in 1984, and its products now include Ranger utility vehicles, RZR recreational side-by-sides, Indian Motorcycle, GEM electric vehicles and the Slingshot.