Rugged Radios Turns Pink

Pink Radios for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Rugged Radios is releasing a limited edition Pink RH-5R Radio starting October 1 to raise funds for the Cancer Association of Havasu.

Rugged Radios : Pink Radios

Rugged Radios : Pink Radios

Rugged Radios has joined forces with off-road racer Renee Hudson and her race team to in this special program. Hudson and her team, Getting Dirty For The TaTas, have already raised $46,000 to help end breast cancer.

Rugged Radios : Pink Radios

Rugged Radios : Pink Radios

The pink RH-5R radio, one of Rugged Radios most popular handhelds that usually comes in blue, will be available for sale on the Rugged Radios website beginning on October 1. Only 100 pink radios will be made and only 99 are available to purchase (limit 2 per customer). Here’s the video Rugged Radios released a few days ago, announcing the pink radio program:

Rugged Radios: Pink Radios for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Rugged Radios : Pink Radios

The 100th pink radio will be offered up on eBay to sweeten the charity pot. All proceeds, including any shipping costs, will be donated to the cause.


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