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Get A Bead on Beadlocks

Raceline Wheels shows how to install beadlock wheels from start to finish.

Installing Beadlocks - Raceline Wheels

Running beadlock wheels on your UTV can minimize the potential of losing a tire bead while running lower psi or when driving through extreme terrain. And at high-speeds, drivers can benefit from beadlocks by being able to take turns, whoops and jumps harder, without the worry of the bead pulling off the wheel.

Installing Beadlocks - Raceline Wheels

Here are some tips from Raceline Wheels on getting them installed:

VIDEO | How to Install Beadlocks – Raceline Wheels

Installing Beadlocks - Raceline Wheels

Installing Beadlocks - Raceline Wheels

To view written instructions, visit Raceline, or click HERE.

Installing Beadlocks - Raceline Wheels

More about Raceline Beadlock Wheels

Raceline is well-known for its beadlock wheels. Raceline builds its wheels to racing specifications, a standard higher than traditional D.O.T. standards. Raceline uses hardened steel inserts for the beadlocks, so if a bolt breaks, you can remove the hardened insert, replace it, and then bolt it up again. Raceline also uses captive washers (washers affixed to the bolts), so there’s less chance of losing it. Raceline builds its own bolts and uses longer shanks for more durability.

Installing Beadlocks - Raceline Wheels


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