Textron 2019 Wildcat XX LTD

Kicked-Up Wildcat

The 2019 Textron Wildcat XX LTD has all the features of the Wildcat XX with several extras, including an SSV stereo system with Kicker speakers, a bimini top, and bumpers on the front and back.

2019 Textron Wildcat XX LTD

The Wildcat XX LTD combines a class-leading, off-road racing inspired suspension system with extras including front and rear bumpers, Bimini roof, half windshield, plus a factory-installed, Bluetooth-enabled SSV stereo system.

2019 Textron Wildcat XX LTD

2019 Textron Wildcat XX LTD

2019 Textron Wildcat XX LTD

Here’s the video overview of the new Wildcat XX LTD:

VIDEO | Textron Off Road | 2019 Wildcat XX LTD

Textron has given the 2019 Wildcat XX more horsepower and the LTD edition comes with front and rear bumpers to protect it while on the trail, and, for the occupants inside, it has a half windshield and heavy-duty, marine-grade bimini roof with a built-in roll-up top with a sunscreen.

2019 Textron Wildcat XX LTD

2019 Textron Wildcat XX LTD

It comes with a factory-installed SSV stereo system that’s made with marine-grade components, including an integrated amp, two Kicker speakers, custom enclosures and wiring harness.

2019 Textron Wildcat XX LTD

2019 Textron Wildcat XX LTD

The system is controlled with a Bluetooth controller and LCD display that includes an AM/FM tuner and AUX input.
The new Wildcat XX LTD is available in Jet Black and retails for $21,999.

2019 Textron Wildcat XX LTD


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