VP Racing Fuels Products for UTVs at SEMA 2019

Octane Boosters, Fuels and Race-Ready Coolants

At the VP Racing Fuels 2019 SEMA booth, Bruce Hendel (VP Racing Fuels’ vice president North America Sales) had its latest products, including some tailored just for UTVs.

VP Racing Fuels at 2019 SEMA

Here’s a video from 2019 SEMA, with Hendel of VP Racing Fuels:

VP Racing Fuels at SEMA 2019

Some of the items that VP Racing Fuels had a SEMA 2019 are made just for UTVs, while others are more universal off-road products. First up, here’s more about two of the fuels for UTVs:

UTV96 Fuel

The UTV96 ultra-high-performance fuel is specifically formulated for UTVs, in both naturally aspirated engines as well as turbo-charged engines. The 96-octane unleaded UTV 96 is ethanol-free and can prevent vapor lock by outperforming standard pump gas in regard to the fuel’s boiling point, which is especially important for desert racing or a weekend of playing in the dunes. It has been oxygenated in order to help it make more power than pump gas.

VPR Fuel

VPR bridges the gap between pump gas and race fuel. This blend is for those who don’t need (or want the higher price tag) of professional-grade race fuel, but still want to squeeze out more performance. VPR can offer a 1-2% more power, better throttle response, and increased consistency.

Next on the list are some of VP Racing Fuels’ coolants and an octane booster:

Cool Down Coolant Additive

When towing your UTV, adding Cool Down to your tow-vehicle’s coolant can drop cylinder-head temps by up to a huge 75° F. It is safe to use in all radiator systems and, for using in your race machine, it is approved by most race-sanctioning bodies.

Stay Frosty Hi-Performance Coolant

Stay Frosty Hi-Performance Coolant is aimed at two-wheeled racers of high-performance motorcycle engines that require additional protection from overheating. This coolant is safe for all metals, including aluminum, and it can reduce operating temperatures of engines by up to 25°F compared to conventional glycol-based coolant, which can increase the density of the air/fuel mix, allowing ignition timing to be safely advanced without the threat of detonation — resulting in more power and torque.

Octanium Fuel Additive

VP Racing Fuels’ original Octanium is blended for off-road racing applications, increases gasoline octane up to 8 numbers/ 80 points.


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